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Introduction about the Community

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The Warlock Village was founded in 2009 by Pollux Black. The vehement interest and curiosity of some fellows who are new to the craft has been the unseen force that pushed him to shape this site. This site was made for us to discover something in different way.

Well discovering for a great part involves the turning over of water-polished stones to see what they are about and to see what is under them.

If this site encourage every Pagan to see the stones and turn them over and experience the basic joy of learning and discovering new things, then surely the creation of this site will been worth of it.

This site therefore obviously intends to make the study of Magick, witchcraft, Wicca and other Pagan-paths in the general occult more meaningful and interesting.

Introduction about the Founder

As stated Pollux Black was the site owner that designed the Warlock Village website and created a range of Magickal discussions to meet the needs of different Pagans.

Pollux presents a different aspect to the subject of still life Arts. Avoiding stereotypical native subjects of commonplace and functional objects, Perez resorts to an alternative subject and represents a curious array of religious, functional and cult artifacts from various cultures. Juxtaposing the religious and magikcal symbolism these objects convey, the artist creates an aura of the unfamiliar and the magikcal. His represents these subjects in various artistic media.

Pollux works are also reflective of the artists’ interests in the magikcal and the mystical. These representations of both functional and iconic objects displayed to the public depict such images of traditional gods and goddesses such as Dionysius and Ibeji, but also refer to contemporary icon-making.

A playwright, occultist, librettist, and author, Perez is also an instructor in a Celtic Witchcraft School . Pollux is also the current External Vice President to the Spirit Questors, a group of young psychic volunteers who render service to the public free of charge.

Pollux holds an A.B. in Clinical Psychology. While he taught as adjunct lecturer at Witchcraft School he is taking up a degree in Religious Studies. He also took up a course of Sacred Magick and Earth Magick.